I am part of a couple groups on Facebook....2 are for birthmothers. I cam across Alexis...she made a video about her story. I was touched by it and wanted to share it with all of you! Video story of a birthmother Thank you Alexis for letting me share your beautiful story with others. Being… Continue reading Alexis….birthmother


Adoption: think before you speak…

  With all the people I know who have been touched by adoption, I am shocked by what people who don't understand have to say. Maybe it is lack of education on adoption, curiosity or just stupidity. I honestly don't know. Comments that are said, questions that are asked can hurt and open wounds that… Continue reading Adoption: think before you speak…

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Cassidy…birth mom

  I met Cassidy this past year at a support group we both attend. It is for birth mothers and adoptees. Her story touched my heart so much. Her strength and life changing decisions left me in aw. She took some tragic moments in her life and changed things for the better...for her daughter...the daughter… Continue reading Cassidy…birth mom