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Joyful Jill…

JOYA good friend’s daughter I call “Lovely Leah” nicknamed me “Joyful Jill” or just “Joyful” for short. That got me thinking….and realizing: I am Joyful. Finally. My last blog post I was in a bad place…winter blues aka SAD, overwhelmed with my “Holiday TO DO List”, and just plain old bitchy. I did call my Dr….she changed my medicine and now after a few days…I am back! I feel like myself again.

My friends, co-workers and family: It’s ok!! I am BACK! Thank you for your love, lifesaver books, kind words and being YOU!

My hubby is a saint….not to mentioned relieved that I am “back”. He would lovingly pick up the slack, let me sulk and sleep, and walk with the utmost quietness on all those egg shells around me…like avoiding a land mine. My kids are happy to see me smile and have fun. And good old Gracie (that ever loved Elf on the Shelf) has been moved by my girls 🙂

While I had that I need an anxiety medicine to make me feel “normal”, I realize that I do NEED it. I will not feel bad about that. Instead I will swallow that little (actually horse size) capsule with a big old glass of water and enjoy life. Enjoy family. Enjoy this, the most wonderful time of the year – oh and if you feel or hear the biggest let down sigh tomorrow morning – don’t worry, it’s just my children being pissed that they did NOT get an iphone for Christmas! However they did get some nice things they NEEDED not necessarily WANTED. Someday when the self centered teen years are behind them…they too will realize that is not what Christmas is all about! In the words of The Grinch (also my former personality):

“Maybe Christmas he thought doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus…..and a wonderful HAPPY New Year!