Merry Christmas from The Murphys…

2019 xmas

Merry Christmas! 

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is here in full swing. I decided to remove some of the things off my list that take time, money and stress away from it all….that includes mailing out cards. So, I’ll use the gift of gab and love of writing and internet this year!

Quick updates!

Mike: Is working at Salem Media Group as General Sales Manager. If any of you know sales…you’ll understand the roller coaster of “FUN” that can be. A few more grey hairs! He still loves trains and tinkering in his shop. He teaches bible study at Hennepin County Jail a couple times a month…when he gets home he is greeted with “How was jail Dad?” – never gets old! lol

Jill  Is an assistant preschool teacher part time. It wont give us a dream retirement, but its a job I can leave at school at the end of the day and summers off – plus being greeted every  by 20 kids everyday that are SO EXCITED to see you makes you feel so good.  I still have my Jillsy Creations business – my favorite. LOVE putting my creative juices into projects – great therapy. Never under estimate the smell of stain, wood and paint!

Maddie Graduated high school this past spring and is attending Transition Plus – a school through our district that has been AWESOME for her. Teaches life skills, budgeting, work and employment options. She loves it and it will be beneficial for her future! She also is working at Culvers – frozen custard anyone? Can’t believe she will be 19 this year?!

Olivia  Is in 11th grade. She made National Honor Society and Honor Society for world languages…this honor society is something her mother never even came close too! lol She teaches gymnastics part time at a local gymnastics school. She got her license this summer and bought her own car. So far so good…in fact it was her mom who accidentally scraped up next to her car. 

Both Mike and I are surviving our 50’s, two teenage daughters and life. We are realizing how fast time does go by…missing when the girls were little and still full of wonder and awe this time of year. But once they look up from their phones it is nice to remember what they look like.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that your 2020 is filled with love and kindness.



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