Advice to Graduates…


Graduation season is in full swing! This year not only did my daughter graduate, but many other kids I have know since elementary school. Our kids have grow up together, played together and whose parents are good friends of mine. As I sign cards, insert money or wrap gifts…I wanted to include something personal – advice of sorts. These were somethings I came up with.

         My Advice to You 

  • Always be kind…to yourself, to others and to the earth.
  •  You’re never too broke to leave a quarter in the Aldi cart for the next person – or even on the floor for some excited little kid to find.
  • If someone does something kind for you, PAY IT FORWARD!
  •  Please don’t vape, smoke or do drugs – it doesn’t look good on anyone!!!
  • NEVER drink and drive – NEVER get into a car with a drunk person.
  • PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE and enjoy the moments in life…you will wish you had. You will cherish the memories of the moment 20 years from now – but not remember whose Snapchat you were looking at.
  • Accept others as they are. We are all different and unique – that is what makes our world interesting. We are all different in some way, but we are all equal at the same way.
  • Make your bed every day – it starts your day with one accomplishment under your belt and that fuels you to go on with your day feeling successful.
  • Call your mom.
  • Always tell your family and peeps you love them. Even if it is in a text. Let them know they matter.
  • Take naps!
  • Eat well…but always say yes to dessert.
  •  Thank God everyday for your blessings.
  • Smile at strangers.
  • Remember everyone is fighting a battle you may not know about.
  • Trust your gut!!! It will never fail you – It is God’s way of protecting you.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be true to yourself! Don’t be a person someone else wants you to be.

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