Election over…now what?


I went to bed last night like millions of people feeling hopeful that we would wake up with news that Hillary would have won…despite the numbers coming in. But instead I woke up feeling ill. Feeling let down and trampled over. I felt as tho the world came crashing down and there I stood in the rubble and fog and wondered “now what?”. I know a lot others felt the same way. It was more than just my candidate not winning, it was the idea that the other guy won. He won no matter what he has done or said or how he has treated people. To be honest I am sure others would have felt the same way in reverse had Hillary won.

My husband voted for Trump. His reasons for voting for him were viable and I respected that. He respected the way I voted. But I sat here this morning in tears trying to explain to him why I was so sickened by the outcome in hopes he could understand it.

I am a chubby white woman. Trump called an average size white woman a fat pig. That doesn’t define me and I know that. But I also know that it is no way to talk to a woman…period. That kind of talk degrades us and gives us all sorts of issues we need to deal with…and it is just mean. How can I tell my daughters body image doesn’t matter when we have a president elect saying a beautiful woman is a “fat pig and is disgusting”.

Being a mother of two Asian girls….American citizen Asian girls…but the way he talks down to people of other races and religions scares me. No my girls can’t get deported. But there are families out there that may get broken up. When you have children from a different country and culture you feel as tho you are protecting them and educating them just a bit differently. Honoring where they came from AND how good our country is.

Being a woman and a mom of two young girls, I want them to have the CHOICE. Not government telling them what can be done to their bodies. A woman that discovers during her pregnancy her baby she dreamed for wont live after its birth should not be made to carry that anguish on til the 9 months are up – that is cruel. If my daughter, God forbid got raped and it resulted in a pregnancy…I would want her to be able to exercise her right to choose. Pro Choice is not the same as Pro Abortion.

Being a mother of a daughter who struggles with learning disorders etc is picked on enough at school and misunderstood. She doesn’t need to see our president elect making fun of children with special needs.

Being a mother of girls, I want them to know they are more than just a great body. NO ONE has the right to treat you like a piece of ass….”grab your pussy” as our president elect has said. Woman need to be treated in a respectful way. No man should ever treat a woman crudely. It disgusts me.

I want my girls to love who they are meant to love. I want them to have the rights an equality to do so. How is loving a person bad – same sex or not. I don’t want someone telling them they have to fit in box A, when every part of their being is box B.

My concerns may be small compared to other reasons you vote for or against someone. But these are things that important to me as I raise two daughters in a world where are still trying to be equal in, treated with respect and dignity and want a role model for kindness and equality. I feel as tho American people are saying all those behaviors of our president elect are ok  and overlooked…and its ok t run a country with that behavior.

I know that Hillary wasn’t the perfect person – who is? But she had composure, class, treated all humans as humans, my girls could look up to a woman leader and know that anything is possible in this big scary world. I know they will see that happen in their lifetime and that gives me hope.

I am saddened and sick today.  But I know nothing can change that. All we have is hope. Hope that Mr. Trump will bring this country together vs. further dividing us. I hope that he can make positive changes that people are looking for. I hope we have a peaceful transition when he takes office. I hope the Democrats and Republicans can work together to keep us a great country. A country we can feel proud about vs. feeling like a laughing stock to the world. Mr. Trump…do not let us down. You have very big shoes to fill.




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