My other baby…

book with outline

Over the weekend the news broke and spread like a wildfire through my book community…the publishing company we all used was closing its doors and ceasing all business effective May 31. Our books will be pulled from Amazon. SHOCK. SADNESS. FRUSTRATION. ANGER. So many questions of “What now!?”. So much talk about payouts to the editors, proofreaders, designers. To me, a book writing virgin…it is so overwhelming. I find myself standing still looking in and wondering what to do; what road to take?  Certainly not an unfamiliar journey.

Funny how my book; my little baby, my project that contains my heart and soul is all about becoming a mother and adoption is now homeless. Desperately scrambling to find a good new home. Was our publishing company just a foster home for all of our ‘babies’? Is there a better more permanent family to love and care for my book forever? Perhaps.

I believe in my ‘baby’ and know that she is not ready to call it quits. We have so much left to do. So many scared pregnant girls we can relate to. Infertile couples that need our understanding and families touched by adoption to share our love with.

I refuse to throw in the towel…where we end up is uncertain. I do know this is not the end and we will move on to bigger and better places. A new permanent home that will be so great and so full of opportunity and love.

All of you who have supported me, read my book, bought my book for others, connected with me with your beautiful motherhood stories….THANK YOU!! We maybe out of sight for a while…but never gone.

Again I find myself remembering that when one door closes, another one opens!


2 thoughts on “My other baby…”

  1. So sorry to hear that! Dont know if it will help much but now I feel like the book of your I have & read is like “gold”! I;m certainly willing to bring the book & give it to another person who would receive good things from reading it! Kari

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