I wrote a book…

cover pic good   I am feeling emotional as I sit here and realize I WROTE A BOOK! I never ever thought that would be something I would do in my life. Funny… I also never thought I would have been a pregnant teen, experience infertility and adopt children. Life certainly has a way of surprising you.

My story is also my journey of healing and understanding why things happen, how we deal or don’t deal with them. This whole process opened up my eyes to feelings I never thought I would equate with motherhood. Feelings of being scared, angry, hurt, devastated, humiliated and alone. But also feeling joy, amazement, unconditional love, a full heart, wonder and awe.

On this day – the official release day of a project that is so near and dear to my heart, I am overwhelmed. So many people have already read it – and so many more hopefully will. I want this to be a book that people – in any of the stages of motherhood I was in – can learn from, take comfort in, find their own bravery and courage and find peace in whatever journey God sends them on.








1 thought on “I wrote a book…”

  1. Jill it is overwhelming I am sure to realize the magnitude of your project and how far it will reach. It will touch many and all in facets of motherhood ! God’s work is being done through you, so take a breath and smile. It will blossom. Please, also, enjoy living in the present; today and every day with your loving family as your journey of life continues. Love xo

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