Body Image or Self Confidence…


As the ever too short summer of Minnesota is winding down, I find myself soaking in the last bits of sunshine at the pool. In my two piece swim suit. Two piece SKIRTED swim suit that acts like my armor from chest to mid thigh. Yep, I am that mom in a SKIRTED swimsuit. But strapless – cant have tan lines! All the lumpy hail damage is covered up, boobs are lifted… but I do leave a little to the imagination – no dear, those are not road maps…those are veins in my legs. I am not one of the perfect bodies of summer showing off their flat stomachs in a bikini. Do I wish I was that body? Sometimes. But then I remember I don’t LOVE working out, I love carbs and I love me some wine. As long as I have moderation with it all – I will remain my curvy self with out letting my curves get out of control. I am the average size for American women. That size is a 14. Yes, I am a 14. My size has TWO digits. I am relatively healthy. I eat crap in moderation. And you know what? I am HAPPY with who I am.

I look around the pool and the water park and see these young girls in skimpy bikinis and flat abs and think “I used to be like that”. But its the young girls in two piece bikinis that are full, curvy and maybe even overweight more than myself. And you know what?? They are walking around with their heads held up and don’t feel self conscious in the least. I admire those girls so much more than the skinny minny ones. Why can’t we all have that self esteem and confidence to rock it and be happy. Why do we have to feel bad if we don’t fit the hard to achieve size 2? My teenage daughter bought a bikini this summer. She is in that size range that is a size too big for girls XL and not quite Junior. So she picks the girls XL I knew it was going to be too small on her and worried what she would look like in it. I went to the dressing room with her all ready to say “See! told you it was too small” But she opened the door beaming “I so rock this!!” – it was too small for her belly and a tankini would have been more flattering – but she had all the confidence in the world and she was so happy. I thought to myself. What IS more important here, what I think and how will she be perceived or that SHE FEELS AWESOME…

Magazines, TV, Hollywood, all show us what we should look like. They show too skinny models showing off the newest fashions in size 0-2. While some people are naturally that thin – that is great. But for a lot of us it is ridiculous. I don’t want my ribs showing. My thighs touch – I like it. I do worry about all this media (as I am sure a lot of us do) with my daughters. Eat healthy and take care of your body- period. Don’t starve yourself. I know I am on the soap box that so many people have been on… and obesity is a problem in our nation. I get that. Do I encourage my kids to eat healthy? Or course. Do we like Doritos? Of course. do we move and get active – yes. Moderation is the key, not deprivation.

We as women need to love ourselves for who we are. If we are happy with how we are – celebrate it!


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