Chadwicks, NY…

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I grew up in Chadwicks New York. This week it has been all over the national news with a terrible story of two teens being beaten by their parents and questions surrounding their so called “church”. Their “church” that now occupies my old alma mater – Chadwicks High School.  Funny how a awful news story with the death of a young teen can bring back all sorts of wonderful memories associated with this tiny town in beautiful upstate New York. Reading all the comments and updates on Facebook brings me right back to a resident in that town….I remember when the big news there was they were tearing down the Overhead, or the Rez dried up.
I grew up in a home built in the late 1890’s. It is the same home my father and aunt grew up in. A beautiful old Victorian home that sat on Elm Street cross from the park. We spent many summers on the front wrap around porch, playing outback in our playhouse, sitting under the ginko and pine trees on hot summer days in the shade and living next door to one of the most admired men in our town. That man was Senator James H. Donovan.
Our town was small. We knew everyone. We were proud of our graduating classes that barely made up a class of 30! Our school was also the school my father and grandmother graduated from. Some of us had teachers our parents had. We were a close knit school. Everyone made the team and everyone was a cheerleader – we were small and mighty. The year we moved to Minnesota our school merged with the neighboring town. I still remember my mom and other town members making signs and having a rally to SOS – Save Our School!
Summers everyone enjoyed the Field Days with the rides, beer tent and parade that lined the main street. Us kids would sit in the back of a cheap old Ford pickup my dad bought . He was teased that he was rich because he bought a truck just so his kids could watch the parade in it! That was not the case at all – 🙂
My best friend when I lived there lived across the street from the high school…we would run across the street after school to catch General Hospital before I walked home. We would hide out there on gym days when we had to run the mile. We would walk to the Dairy for half moons. We would beg her sister for rides to the mall. We would eat Grande’s pizza for lunch or walk to the Willowvale diner.
After living in Minnesota since 1984, I still think of Chadwicks as my hometown. So much history and fond memories there. It may have fallen on hard times and made the news for a terrible trajedy,  but anyone who lived there knows the real Chadwicks New York!


5 thoughts on “Chadwicks, NY…”

  1. hey , you forgot Mario`s pizza , Fred`s Foodland , old spain hotel with their awesome clambakes , the falls swimming hole ! great stuff ……… thanks for bringing back some really good memories !

  2. for those of us who left, and then returned, (or some who never left at all) the small town charm is still there, the diners (Joan’s and Willowvale), the Hotel Willowvale, the Ice Cream Factory and neighboring small towns with Orchard Hall and more….we might be part of a Town, but we will always be Chadwicks, a settlement along the Sauquoit Creek that used to be two communities but retains the name of the other in it’s Volunteer Fire Department. A community that has a hometown ambulance and tow service, it’s own Post Office, two manufacturing plants, two parks to play in, and it’s all condensed in less than 5 miles of a main road! You can still buy a home for less than $100,000 that has a yard, and you can get to know your neighbors at the local VFW, holiday parades and weekly Bingo games. Three churches provide places to worship if you choose and the least important fact is the former high school building that houses the group who proved to be less than what they claimed, who showed the sleazy side of society hidden under the guise of a house of religion and who do NOT define what Chadwicks ever was, is now or ever will be in the minds of those who claim it as their home.

  3. hey, jill! i’m doing some genealogy research and found your blog in a google search. i was wondering if you could help me locate someone who went to chadwicks high school in the 70s. please get back to me when you can! thanks!

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