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The events this past week leave me feeling confused. I LOVE the fact that #lovewins. I love that all human beings can share in the sacred union of marriage. Marriage is not something you enter on a whim – it is a commitment. If two human beings love one another, respect one another and want to commit to one another for better for worse, for richer for poorer etc til death do them part – WONDERFUL.

I do not like to talk about religion and my faith openly and publicly…it is a very personal journey to me. I am not looking for a big religious debate. I am stating my opinion and what I believe. What I think, pray about and believe are between God and I. But I am finding myself confused….and I believe others must be as well. I believe in God. I believe the Bible is the holy book in which we live our lives by. I believe God has the ultimate plan for us and he is the man (or woman) in charge. If you put your trust in God – all things are possible. I believe that he creates each one of us differently. How we go about our journey with what we are given is what matters. He gives us the crazy detours in life and its is our job to find a lesson out of them. I also am a person that is not black and white – I believe there is gray area. Why would God create a beautiful human being that cannot help who they love. If two people love each other, why is that bad!?!?! If the two people are both women or both men – why is that bad? Why would God create a person who is designed to love a person of the same gender and say it is bad? They just want to love and be loved. period. I know many people in same sex relationships – to see the way they look at the person they love is beautiful. I also know many man/woman relationships that are filled with bitterness, anger and divorce.

The God I know and trust teaches us to love one another. That all human beings are worthy of love. We are all beautiful and loved in the eyes of God…



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