A Special Bond…

support group“You are never alone. Just know that there is always at least one person

who understands what you are going through.”

In our lives we may come across a struggle of some sort. We have friends and family that we can lean on. But if none of those people you lean on have been in your shoes with the same struggle, they don’t understand. Yes they can support you, lift you up emotionally and help you through it. But they truly need to have walked your journey to fully understand. This could be said for a death, an illness, a divorce – any number of things. But when you find that person or group of people who truly get it, it’s a comfort and a warmth to your heart.

I have been that fortunate in the last couple years to find that in a single friend and in a group of women. All these people have been in my shoes. They have all had an unplanned pregnancy and chose adoption. In the last year I started going to a support group through Catholic Charities. It is a group of women (and a few men at times) that have either been adopted or was a birth mother who chose adoption for their child. We all have different stories. We are different ages, different generations and different feelings, but yet we all connect on a common level. We share feelings of anger, joy, helplessness, sorrow, grief, uncertainty, hope and love. A person can have tears in their eyes and just knowing that someone else in the room has felt what they are feeling, makes it better. It can be an unspoken bond. Through this group I have met a wonderful circle of women. We are all connected by our stories. It is such a special thing. The feeling of someone who ACTUALLY knows HOW I FEEL. It brings me peace to be around these women. I find comfort in this group. I have dug up buried feelings and been told “It is ok to feel this way”. It’s calming. It’s peace. It’s a feeling of acceptance that I have longed for.

Every meeting we are so happy to see each other – meet some new faces to the group and leave there with hugs and well wishes til the next month. We celebrate each others joys and help each other with pain. How I wish I knew these women 20+ years ago. But I do now and THAT is what matters. To all of these women: Thank you – Thank you for being part of something so small yet so powerful and so comforting. You all bring a peace to this group.