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Cancer sucks…

cancer sucks  Cancer sucks. Plain and simple. I have known people all different ages that have gone through this. Relatives. Friends, Strangers. Neighbors. Kids…….KIDS!?!?!  I don’t understand why. I know God has the ultimate plan, but why cancer? Why cancer in children? I don’t normally write about other people in my blog – it is usually my immediate family or situations that involve my family. This post is different. It is about a neighbor. The neighbor that is just behind our fence… a young boy we see through the fence cracks mow the lawn or play football with friends.  Our neighbor David who is an active football loving 7th grade. He was just diagnosed with a rare cancer…on his spinal cord. Rare – meaning he is like 1 in 6 people in the WORLD who have been diagnosed with this.

Here is his story that just ran on the news:  David’s Story

As an average person I think HOW AWFUL. Thinking of it as a mother….there are no words. I think how “lucky” he was to get injured during a football game. A game that David LOVES. That injury lead doctors to find this tumor. I just cant imagine the road he will now travel on…surgeries, treatment, Dr. appointments…the list is endless. Not to mention missing school, friends, etc. The support in our community has been fast and furious. Love how our town has rallied around this young boy and his family.

It’s not fair. IT’S NOT FAIR. (yeah yeah Life ISN’T fair…but this sucks) How as a mother and father do you keep strong for your child when deep down you are screaming “THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!” and feeling helpless for your own child. My heart and prayers just pour out for this family. One thing I do know…they will kick cancer’s ASS! They are strong – #GerfastStrong! And David will be in the best care at the best hospital MN knows, the country knows, the world knows.

If you can help in ANY way this family…the link is below. Any little thing is helpful. It just means one less thing the family needs to worry about. Their strength needs to be on David…not on finances, meals etc. Power of prayer is remarkable. So remarkable…say a prayer or many prayers.

Help David’s Family

Cindy, Lars, Rachel, Allison and David….we are rallying for you all!


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