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The Playbook…


There are playbooks for all sports, directions for electronics, assembly instructions for put together furniture and even instructions on how to use shampoo.  During my journey with being a birth mother and an adoptive mom I have seen so many books and articles about how to adopt, what to tell your kids, reunion stories etc.  But when you reunite with a birth child after 22 years of placing him for adoption…then what? Where is the playbook? When I first found him we stumbled our way through the words and emotions of it all. Took it one day at a time…slowly and steadily. Now 4 years later we – me, my husband, daughters and him – have a wonderful relationship that keeps on growing. He has met the rest of my family just a handful of times – which seems so strange because we all live so close and are so close.   So why is it so hard to cross the line and bring the rest of them on in? Is it they don’t want to? Not sure how to? Not sure how to feel? What the “relationship” will be – such an unfamiliar territory. My sister said you can’t just Google “Reuniting with a birth son while he meets his sisters that were adopted from Korea and the rest of the clan”. There is NO PLAYBOOK.

I am learning so many things through all of this. I know how I feel through all of this – but how does the other family feel? The REAL family – the one that raised him.  I truly believe that every person’s life is one big jigsaw puzzle. At times we feel complete and at times we feel a part of something is missing. That missing piece could be the loss of a family member, a wrong spouse, a bad job – whatever – but sometimes it is a person, a person that they have never met. I believe that people who were adopted (most people) it is a curiosity thing… wondering what the missing link is. What does the other part of the DNA look like, act like – etc. I do not believe that is a lack of love from the adoptive family – or that there is something wrong. I believe it is a natural curiosity. As an adoptive mom I look forward to taking the journey with my children if they want to find their birth families. But I also realize I have half a world between her and us. I find security in that. My daughter who is 11 thinks about her birth mom a lot and often we talk about it. I don’t ever doubt that I AM her real mom…but I also know the wondering because as a birth mom, I have always wondered about my son. It doesn’t mean I love my daughters any less or they don’t complete me – but my birth son has always been in my heart. I know that I am my girls mom.period. But I do know they have a whole heritage and birth family a world away that they must wonder about – especially as they get older.

I think about Mike – how does he feel? I know he loves Joshua and has welcomed him always into our family. He stood by me when I would be sad on his birthday and wonder about him. He held me when I would cry at night after I found him on Facebook and all I could say was “This is so big – so emotional”. There were no words to describe how wide open my heart became – but he got it and would just hold me and love me. Yet I was the one who couldn’t give us belly babies.

My close girlfriends have been by my side through every step of this journey – encouraging me, supporting me, listening to me talk about things and share the excitement of it all. They always ask about him and how he is doing. These woman have supported me every step and have helped me sort out feelings with love, laughter and occasional glass of wine!

So why is it so hard for those closest to me?? There are no defined roles, feelings or rules. It is fly by the seat of your pants and hope that it all turns out okay. I have had 4 years of feelings building up and finally felt they came free today. It was a hard conversation to have…but one that never had taken place. All in all I think it was a good thing. I feel like I can move forward and have two special worlds mesh together with a common ground, me.

Life can be so difficult and hard sometimes. I realize communication is key. I can’t assume how people feel or think. There are paths we go down in our lives that come with no playbooks. We learn as we go and we become stronger because of it.


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