Sexy or Sane?

We watch soap operas, romantic comedies, and sitcoms. One thing they all have in common is couples who go to bed or wake up full of makeup, perfect hair, beautiful spray tans, good breath  and slinky apparel. These couple are in love and have a wonderful life with not a care in the world.

But most of us, especially me, have a nighttime routine similar to the first 30 seconds of this movie trailer: Movie scene The popular mouth guard scene from the movie Date Night.

I consider myself a self made princess with my very own tiara. Ok, maybe a 45 year old woman with a crown given to her by her dentist…in order to protect my “crown” from tarnishing and hurting I wear a mouth splint. Also known as a spit collecting mouth guard. I know, I know it IS sexy. Nothing like rolling over to your husband of twenty years and whispering “Schshleep good Schchweetie” and you suck in the extra spit from your teeth. HOT. Some how my husband still loves me and is attracted to me….ratty pj’s and all.

My mouth guard saves me from a restless night of wild activity….that activity of my brain. (I knew what you were thinking *wink wink) When the craziness of my day winds down – days of being home with a tweener and a teen all summer, I am wiped out. I have nothing left to give…maybe a few minutes to the Kardashians or the Bachelorette and then my husband comes over, takes off my glasses and turns my light out. I maybe asleep, but my brain is just turning on when I want to be fully asleep. That is when I get creative ideas for projects, ideas for dinner for the week, remembering phone calls I need to make in the morning, things to start thinking about for the upcoming preschool year, stuff to add to my book and if i can REALLY get it published, clothes that are still in the dryer in a wrinkled ball. I worry about my daughters and school starting. I worry about my teen with her ADHD, NVLD, anxiety and social maturity and how her school year will go this fall.  I worry about my tweener and her being so sensitive and internalizing feelings. I worry about money. I worry,  I think, I create and I dream. All these things lead me to a clenched jaw. Waking up to a terrible headache, sore tiara and feeling as tho I didn’t sleep a wink. My mouth guard saves me from the pain. Still working on getting my brain to slow down at night, but at least I wake up pain free.

My question is – is it better to look schsexy or feel schsane?



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