Faulty Wiring….

I am feeling the need to repost….I am guilty of this at times and makes me sick to my stomach when people judge the book by its cover. My daughter may appear annoying, immature, different…but she has a beautiful heart. Middle school kids can be so mean. Teach your children that different is not weird or bad. it is just different. All children have hearts and souls – when people treat them differently the FEEL it. When they see a child eating lunch alone, ask to sit with them. Or stick up for that underdog when kids are teasing…You never know when one simple act of kindness could mean the whole world to someone….

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Image Faulty wiring can be a pain. It can be a simple annoyance or life and death with a fire. If your lamp has faulty wiring, you fix or toss it out..you don’t sit in the dark, read with a flashlight and accept it. If our cell phone has faulty wiring we immediately run to our cell provider and demand a new one, because how on earth can we live without our cell phones?! If our home has faulty wiring we don’t ignore it and hope that our home doesn’t burn down, we call in an electrician and pay lots of money to get it all fixed. The same can be said for cars, appliances, airplanes etc. We never take a chance with that faulty wiring – we simply FIX IT.

What do we do if we have a child with faulty wiring? We don’t replace the child, call an electrician…

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