If you give a girl a pencil…

Image  We are all familiar with the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff. We have read it a million times when my girls were little. I feel like with a daughter with ADHD is similar to this story at times.

After having a four day weekend due to school conferences, we had all kinds of free time. But as usual we sat at the table last night at 7pm to do homework. Mind you, my daughters medicine for her AHDH is probably totally out of her body so her focus isn’t all that it could be. So far…we had two odds against us – waiting til the last possible moment to do homework AND meds are worn off. So this is how the evening went:

We sit down….she’ll looks thru all of her 40 thousand pencils (ok, more like 20+, but still MORE than she could possibly use in a single week). They are falling out of her zipped up binder, some are in a ziploc, some are in between the three rings of her binder and some are even in the pocket of her binder. Now NONE OF THEM are sharp enough to her liking (they are more than fine to get thru a worksheet or two)  She demand new ones. I suggest to her to maybe go sharpen the ones she has and we can organize them later. She goes down to sharpen them and finds a handful of new ones in my drawer and decides to look at the ‘shininess’ of the new ones. After her telling to get her butt up here so we can get homework done because its getting late (my fault we waited so long), she grabs her worksheet in a huff (attitude with everything when you are almost 13) and gets a paper cut. Now she has to go up and get a bandaid because her finger is bleeding. When I ask her what is taking her so long she replies “Cleaning out the band aid box for you!” which now leads to her having to go the bathroom because the bandaid is in the bathroom. When I ask what is taking so long she says “washing my hands with this new soap – I keep smelling it – it smells sooo good. Can we get this kind again?!” Then she FINALLY returns to the kitchen table and realizes the pencil she started with needs to be sharpened…..
 I need a glass of wine…..

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