Diary of a Wimpy Mom

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”….sing with me! No, it is not Christmas, but the next best thing…. BACK TO SCHOOL! While it is no secret that this time of year I get a little antsy for school to start. We have had a wonderful summer – love that my job allows me to be home for the summer with my children – but we are all ready for school to start. We need the routine again and kids are getting bored with one another and momma needs a break! 🙂

But this year I am finding myself filled with so much anxiety…not sleeping well, grinding my teeth at night, stressed, find myself checking and rechecking the kid’s supply lists, are all the forms filled out? Was I this nervous when they first went off to Kindergarten? NO! This is different….it….is…..MIDDLE SCHOOL! (cue the blood curdling screams)

When I think of Middle School, I turn white, get dizzy and feel so worried. Not sure why. My Middle School days were ok – in fact we were in the same school as the high school kids. Over all, not a bad experience. Of course we only had 250 kids K-12!  I feel like I am sending my daughter into a dark abyss…the unknown…and it freaks me out.  We are leaving the comfortable warm lap of elementary school – where we know all the teachers and staff…have friends and neighbors that work there, know the school like the back of my hand and have the safety net of them being safe and comfortable there – they know the routine. Now…a new school (that by the way is like a maze in that building!), a locker to open every day, switching rooms and teachers for all your classes, gym class with gym clothes, padlock and SWIMMING!, lunch (please don’t get the ala carte EVERYDAY!), homework, being in a ‘house’ with new faces and not the comfort of your 2 good friends, being the bottom feeders of the school, and the list of my worries goes on….ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Learning Disorder, making new friend struggles….and her IEP (Individualized Education Plan)…and more importantly realizing she is a Bieber crazed Tween and need to let go a little and allow her to struggle, take on more responsibilities and let her grow.

I am a WIMPY mom. I am excited for this new journey…SHE is excited also. I need to relax, breath and trust she will survive and next year at this time I will laugh at how crazy I was this year  was with worry sending my little girl off into the new world of MIDDLE SCHOOL!



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