We all have our favorite time of year, favorite season of even favorite month. One would think my favorite month would be October – my birthday month – better known as “The Month of Jill” around here!  But my favorite month happens to be May. It is a month of so many new beginnings. Spring comes alive in March – no snow, blue skies, warm sunshine, the smell of lilacs in bloom and the sound of a good rain.  My parents anniversary is in this month a new beginning for them 46 years ago. My best friend’s birthday – she is my BFF with all things. I believe I am a better mom because I have her in my life. Our Maddie came from Korea in this month 11 years ago – blessing Mike and I and making us parents after years of trying, wanting and wishing. Cinco de mayo and the taste of a good margarita -ha ha –  actually the 5th of May we celebrate Children’s Day – a holiday in Korea. My very first contact from my birth son Joshua happened this month – along with meeting him and giving him a big hug for the first time – 22 years after his birth.  And of course Mother’s Day is in May – this day means so much to me for so many reasons. I celebrate my mother this day, Mike’s mom and his dad’s wife as well. I love the hand made gifts and cards from my beautiful daughters, breakfast in bed and feeling like queen for a day. I love that I have a relationship with Joshua and he is part of our family. I can’t help but to think of his mother on Mother’s day too – how proud she must be of the man he has become knowing that she had something to do with it. Find something to celebrate this month…Happy May!


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