MN winters…not so bad…

  Living in Minnesota, the mid west or even ‘God’s Country’ as some call it, makes the news for weather in January-February when we get pounded with many feet of snow and wind chills well below zero. When we are in the middle of it we start the countdown til May 1st and think HOW HORRIBLE this is…snow…ice…cold.  But let me tell you, I would pick Minnesota winters over a hurricane HANDS DOWN. Especially this past little gem they call “Irene”.

I have many friends and relatives in upstate NY – hours away from NYC – in fact at times more rural than Apple Valley or Rosemount. I grew up in a small town Chadwicks,  across the street from a beautiful park we would play at all summer long. The park also ran along side of the railroad tracks and a tiny little creek we were forbidden to play by as kids. (sorry mom and dad – we did play down there – would stand on rocks and catch baby frogs or throw stones). Now this creek isnt that big…going back and seeing it as a grown up you think – wow it seemed so big as a kid…but you could cross it in 10 steps or less.  This park today is flooded from this “little” creek:

  Then I looked at their local news and saw the small little creek turn into a raging river flooding all over.


While I know the flooding there isn’t as bad as other areas of the east coast…it still takes your breath away it’s not just the weather in MN that you suddenly feel “lucky” but all the other things we take for granted on a daily basis. I am SO guilty of that. We have a thunderstorm and the Direct TV goes out for a few minutes and I get upset – I love my TV…..the internet goes down…WHAT?!?!?! No Facebook? No email? No Pinterest? The outrage! The nerve! Wait a minute….I have a house that is dry, intact and has power….POWER. Which means I have lights, A/C,  sump pump, COLD food, ability to cook food, a hot shower, the list goes on. I am lucky to have the every day amenities that 5 MILLION people do not have for a long week at least. My lawn is dry – but that is ok. So many things to be thankful…but then the people without power and lucky enough to have their homes in tact pass the time TALKING, LISTENING and BEING with one another – no TV, no internet, no Xbox,  Wii or Nintendo to take away that time as a family to TALK and just be. Amazing that it takes something so terrible as IRENE to make me stop and think…really think about things I take for granted.

So, all those cringing the end of summer which leads to fall and then winter….remember, which is worse?


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