A Good Book….

  “I just finished a book you would like”  said a friend of mine.  I always like a book when someone suggests one (most of the time) Some people find they like specific authors and read everything in their collection. I like to jump around and read all types of things.  However,  I have not read Harry Potter or Twilight series – (and have NO desire to)… so when people suggest those to me, well…they don’t know me! *snicker*  I just finished reading Rob Lowe’s autobiography during a week’s vacation at the cabin…it was so good and my sister and mom will tell you so – I seemed to utter the words “this book is SOOO good” a million times which turned into a daily joke.  I was ready for a good new book. So I started ‘The Four Seasons’ by Mary Alice Monroe – the book my friend suggested. Sometimes you read a book that really touches you and makes you feel sad when you read that last page and shut the book. A mourning of sorts. This book touched me in a way I never thought. It made me feel things I never thought I would feel and think about things in ways I never thought I would. This story is about 4 sisters – all in their 30’s-40’s. The youngest sister dies and the 3 sisters all come home to say their good-byes. But they don’t expect to go on such an emotional journey as they do – The dying wish of the youngest sister was for her oldest sister to find the baby she put up for adoption when she was 17.  It was the late 70’s when the oldest sister “Jilly” (yup,  that is her name!) got pregnant and was sent away to a home for unwed mothers run by old catholic nuns – she was shunned and was forced to put up her baby for adoption and it was a dark secret that no one was to know about or talk about. While my story is different in that respect – I had the love and support of my family. But the journey Jilly and her sisters take to find her daughter is beautiful and emotional.  It is rare that a book can have such a similar story line – right down to the name and touch you. Tho fictional, it made me think back to when I was a young pregnant naive teen at 17. How young I was. And how different a person I am now in so many ways. The last year’s journey with me finding Joshua and getting to know him has been beautiful and positive. Tho this book is all fiction, it hit a chord in me that took my breath away. I felt emotions that I hadn’t felt before – some that were folded up and tucked away for 20+ years.  I felt sad, happy, confused, confident, amazed and at times questioning my decisions.  I realized you can’t change history – but you can learn from it, grow from it and become a better person from it. I value my journey so much everyday and feel so blessed.  A good fictional story confirmed it all.


1 thought on “A Good Book….”

  1. Reading the Four Seasons based on your recommendation. It is good. VERY WEIRD how much the story resembles your life AND her name is Jilly!

    Debbe (Riley) Carroll

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