Outraged seven year olds…..

 We are on vacation. Out front of our cabin is a  Rainbow type play/swing set on the beach. It gives hour of playime for our kids while the adults sit on the deck and converse over cocktails and snacks. It’s vacation after all – play and relaxation. Last night was no different. The kids were over playing along with two older boys (tweeners to be specific). The boys were eating peanuts in the shell – and throwing the shells on the beach. Now, it wasn’t cans, candy wrappers or  paper – it was peanut shells. But this DID NOT SIT WELL with my daughter and niece. They were outraged. They come stomping over to us, hands on our their hips “Those boys over there are throwing peanut shells at us and LITTERING on the beach!!!” ….”WHY would anyone do that?” ….”That is mean to the enviroment!!!!!” – the rantings went on into the night. I over heard my daugher say to my niece “We should make signs and hang them up!” 

Sure enough, first thing this morning…out come the markers, paper and crayons….a beautiful collection of signs with drawings of the earth, recycle arrows and words of action! “NO LITTERING!” “RECYCLE”  – They took their No Littering campaign to the office and had a speak easy with the owner. They came back to report “She said if we pick them all up she will give us a free icee!!!” So, bag in hand…they run to the beach and start collecting litter and the peanut shells. The hung their signs of anger and love for the earth up – but due to the humidity the fell and littered the beach – *snicker*. So they picked them up and moved on to their next course of action – a lemonade stand – $.25 a cup – $.10 for refills, unless you are cute – then they’re free.

I am proud of those girls for taking care of their earth and realizing the importance of it.  Wonder what other soap box issues they will have in their young lives. Good thing they don’t wear bras yet…there could be a bra burning before the week’s vacation is over!


What do you love the most?

I have been told three things you should never discuss in mixed company are politics, religion and money. SO many different opinions and beliefs that any conversation could get heated. I don’t usually write about those three topics either. But today I am. 

I was sitting having coffee this morning and talking with my daughter Olivia. When she has a good night sleep she is very chatty about things. Today was one of those times. I always find humor in what she has to say…and sometimes I am amazed by the thoughts and things she has to say at her young age. I believe she will have a future in Theology (or own stock in Justice- the store she loves almost more than anything!). Today she was telling me how in the Bible, the book of Exodus tells how people would put gold inside a cow and worship the cow. I told her that meant they worshiped money over God. She said ” I know and that isn’t right”. She continued to go on and say how you can love things – like oreos, swimming, margaritas (I think that was directed towards me), but as long as you love God more – it is ok to love those things a lot. While my husband and I have had heated discussions on HOW and WHERE we worship, my children at their young age are grounded and know that without the love for GOD first, nothing else matters. Olivia always surprises me and teaches me so much – how to slow down and appreciate HOW and WHY we have the things we have – material and otherwise. At night when she says her prayers – she always has the standard “no scary dreams”, “no scary shadows”, “a good night sleep”, “no scary storms” and then goes deep “help take care of the poor and give them what they need”, “help those where the floods are so that they maybe safe” and even “God bless Maddie at the Dr. that she doesnt have to get shots and if she does that she will be strong”….. (side note – as I am writing this the song “Teach Your Children Well” by Crosby, Stills and Nash is on)

I know and believe that with GOD in our lives…all things are possible. I love that my 8 year old daughter helps me see this everyday in ways I may be too busy to notice or even think about.