Last day of school….

     The last day of school…you can feel the excitement in the air. No more homework! No more early mornings! No more routines! No more packing lunches! No more sending in $$$ for this and that! No more checking, double checking and triple checking backpacks! Ahhhhh…FREEDOM! WOO! HOO!

Or is it?? Along with the excitement comes a sense of mourning….for the kids it is the sadness of not seeing their favorite  teachers, their friends and a routine everyday. For parents…it is mourning of those free moments we have during the day of total bliss and tanquilitiy like after the kids have left for the bus and the house is totally quiet and you grab one last cup of coffee in total peace before heading onward with your day. Or that calm before the storm when you look at the clock and think “10 minutes til the bus is due back” and you grab a diet coke and enjoy it with all its splendor like it is the final meal before execution (ok, maybe that is a bit DRASTIC of a comparison, but you get the jist!)…..

And let us not forget the sheer horror….THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! The bickering…the “I’m bored!”….the “well then, who CAN we do something with?”….and the “It is too hot out!”….the time of year where stay at home parents patience is tested more than it ever has been. Now, I have said this numerous times before….I AM very lucky I can be home with them, I DO enjoy hanging out and doing things with them….I LOVE them beyond words can explain…and wouldnt trade my life for anything…BUT, I am sure that all of you out there with elementary aged children that are home all summer with your kids do have at least one day (or some of you many days) that you say to yourself  “I cant wait for school to start!” – and that is ok. I am here to tell you – that is ok to be excited summer is here – sunshine, swimming, sand, family time, later evenings outside, vacations and all that summer has to offer….and it is ok to feel “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” once in awhile too!  So my advice to all of you is as follows:

Enjoy each day with your beautiful children now, while they still like you and hormones havent kicked in yet. Do all those fun summer activities….drive them all over God’s creation to playdates, water parks, the zoo and activities. ENJOY it all…..but also remember to take time for YOU. A occasional night out with your girlfriends enjoying a cocktail on a patio somewhere, a date with your hubby, quiet time in a lawnchair watching your kids play at a park….find time for YOU. Because if Momma aint happy…..well, you know the rest! 🙂

Happy Summer Vacation!


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