The REAL Spring Break…

Aaaaaah, feel that warm sun shining down. Your toes tucked into the soft silky sand, kids running and jumping in the water while they laugh, resort owner setting down a refreshing “foo foo” drink,you smile because you know you dont have to plan dinner for tonight and your husband turns to you and says “Just enjoy the sun, I’ll go hang out with the kids for a bit…just relax”


Yes, some of us are fortunate to have such a spring break. And I myself have had that pleasure quite a few times….but this year was the reality of SPRING BREAK. Not enough funds to go warm and sunny. Hubby starting a new job with no vacation time yet. I am not complaining, we did spend a little $$ and redo our family room, new furniture and big TV which is fun for all. But being in Minneosta, “Spring Break” is a bit of an oxymoron…like ‘jumbo shrimp’ or ‘deafening silence’. We still have huge piles of snow… granted we did have some melting just prior to break and could actually see green grass peaking through and giving us hope. But then break hits and we get rain with thunder, ice and snow that turned into a blowing little blizzard. SPRING BREAK – That is right – a break from a spring that seems like a distant pipedream.

Let’s not forget for those of us fortunate of being home with our children during this time we still have to entertain. Now granted my kids are 7 and 10 – totally capable of playing together and entertaining theirselves, but that still comes with the normal sister fighting and tattling. And all of a sudden nothing we have at home is good enough or fun enough. “We’re bored” “There is nothing to do”…wow, if they only knew how good they really have it. So we spent the week dressing all the 2000 (well, ok 30) Barbies and getting them to their wedding, spending 2 hours at Target because we couldnt decide how to spend that $12 burning a hole in their wallets, going to the mall (ok, that was fun for me too!), palying with friends, we did have fun coloring, playing board games, having lunch with Mike, bowling with friends etc… it was a fun week being with my girls…but also LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG. We crave the day to day schedule at this age. I have the same feelings today – 2 days before they go back to school – as I do that last week in August when first day of school approaches like a beacon in the night! 

Please know that I love my girls more than anything and LOVE LOVE LOVE that I am able to be home with them vs. daycare everyday. I appreciate the time we have together and would not trade it for the world….I just tire of the arguing over who used who’s marker, who looked at who, who got to choose the Wii game last…..”MOM! MOM! MOOOOOOOOOMMMMM! She did this to me!!”  and being cooped up with this lovely “spring break” weather.  

I am confident that there are other moms in the world that are looking forward to kids getting back to school on Monday, or whenever their break ends.

Monday will be here soon enough and lives will go back to the boring old routine that we thrive on and i wil


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