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Lesson from a 7 year old….

  Since last week, my youngest daughter has been a fountain of information about the late Dr. Martin Luther King that she learned at school. His birthday…when he died, how he died, even a song about him and how crazy it was that a lady with brown skin had to sit in the back of the bus and couldnt use the same bathroom. To her the thought of that sounds SO RIDICULOUS. And of course it is – hard to imagine life back then….especially with children of a different ethnic background than myself. How people were treated SO BADLY just because of their skin color. This morning we were watching Good Morning America…. They showed our president and she says “Obama and Martin Luther King both are brown. Why do they call it black? No one can have black skin and no one has white skin. We are all shades of brown.”  WOW – that sums it all all in one simple 7 year old thought. I am natural beige according to Maybelline, Bisque according to a paint swatch and number 1215 according to Pantone Matching System for inks. But instead we say “white” – ok, hold up a white piece of paper to my skin – is it white, no, it is more TAN – a shade of brown. Hold up a black piece of paper to an African American  – is their skin black? No, it is a shade of brown. Just gives you something to think about…..The world is not BLACK AND WHITE….either are people. We are ALL God’s children and we are all shades of the same color….shades of the same color…..