Through the eyes of children…

Waking up early to the first snow fall of the season…a bit of shock at first…the “oh no – I hope snow pants and boots still fit the kids”, 168 days til May Day (my BFF has a countdown already), dang, too early to decorate for Christmas, where IS the shovel?, slippery roads, poor limbs of trees being weighted down by the wet heavy snow, no TV signal…..Winter is here.  But as my children slowly wake up and see the “lovely Minnesota weather”….I begin to see it all differently. I see as I once did as an excited child. My girls jumping on the bed, looking out the window “IT SNOWED!!! IT SNOWED” yelling at 6:45 with pure delight. “Come on” Maddie yells with joy, “Let’s all go down and look out the window together!” – I am thinking ‘what about my coffee?’  Then seeing their excited faces…I see the snow beautifully covering the trees. no tires tracks or foot prints – no traces of the hustle and bustle of the world yet. Just plain white undisturbed snow. Which then leads to Christmas music on the radio….digging out all the winter gear…bundling my kiddies up at 7:30 AM as they say “hurry!!” and sending them out on their way to play and disturb the untouched snow with pure joy and laughter. It is days like today that we as adults should stop and enjoy those simple pleasures that God brings us. We can worry about the shovels and snowblowers later….grab some snow, form a snowball and throw it at the ones you love!


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