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Game Piece…

I love board games. Growing up we played Monopoly, Parcheesi, Life, Operation, Checkers – all the games of childhood. Every once in awhile we would open up a game and find various other game pieces inside – the little hat from Monopoly would be in the Life box, a checker in the Operation box etc etc. Easy problem to solve – you just put it back where it goes…. But what do you do in the real game of LIFE when you are a game piece and you end up in someone else’s game of LIFE?  That is me. I am a game piece – I know where I belong...with my family – my husband and my two daughters and I love it there and wouldn’t change a thing with our game. But I also want to be in a different game – at the same time  – another person’s game of LIFE – Joshua’s. But the rules, game pieces, game board are all so different in that game.  I am a red plastic checker trying to play Monopoly – does it work?  Is it possible to be in two games at once? Dice can, play money can, playing cards can – can I?  I am good at my game and welcome new pieces – especially the “birth son” piece – My game and all it’s pieces and rules welcome the new piece.  Does his? I dont know the rules of his game of LIFE – what is expected of me? what is my role? what is too much? what isnt enough?  Do the other pieces in his game accept me? approve of me? I am an old chipped game piece that wants to finally fit into a shiny new game – is that right?  Or is this a whole new game of Life that we make up the rules as we go??


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