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my oprah “ah ha!” moment

I have two sayings I really like “Everything happens for a reason” and “God gives us what we can handle” – they kind of always go together. When you are in the middle of a life event, you may not realize that you CAN handle it and wonder WHAT is the reason for this to happen? When I was pregnant and the timing wasnt right for me to be a wonderful mom I knew I made the right choice for my baby – an unselfish choice. (and I have been known to be selfish – just ask my sister!) When I went through all the infertility issues with Mike, I would ask “Why are you putting me through this and what on earth could be the reason for THIS!?” Then we got our two beautiful girls….and it happenned. I had the Oprah “Ah ha” moment. After years of questioning bad timing, choices that I had made and the pain of wanting to be a mom so bad it came to me. When I was a birthmom I made the decision to put my baby up for adoption because HE needed a wonderful life – I couldnt be selfish – I HAD to put him first. When I became a mom with my girls, I reaped the rewards not once, but twice, of two young girls a world away that made that same decision. I truly believe God wanted me to see just how the decision I made all those years ago felt on the receiving end. It felt incredible. To be lucky enough to be on the giving AND receiving end of adoption is a wonderful thing…..


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