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So….a blog.  A new area of “talking” for me….and those who know me…know I can talk. I guess of lately so many things have come full circle for me – me as a mom in particular. Things I like to share, thoughts and feelings I need to say “out loud” to make sense of them or perhaps even help people going thru similar journeys as a mom.

I am a “mom” in three different ways – a trilogy of Motherhood.  I ama birth mom, an adoptive mom and a mom that that experienced the infertility journey somewhere in between.

I hope this blog may help people in their own journeys….


1 thought on “Newbee”

  1. Oh My God Jill, doesn t it feel so good to talk about all this? I am so emotionally drained just from reading it all. How about living it all? I wish I could convince Anthony to give his child up for adoption. I truly have tried. But I suggested it and talked at length about some the same feeling you had .. Now I am saying to myself, what will be will be… Everything is for a reason and Yes God will give them what they need to survive.. Perhaps that is me right now too just listening and offering some kind of advice. I am so proud of you Jill. I love your story and I think it will help so many others.. Where did 20 years go is my only question right now?? Love to you, Mike and your girls.. Love Connie

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